Jedi Knight/Sith Lord O.C.C.




Alignment: Good alignments for light side, Evil for the Sith lords. Suggested good, or else.

Attributes: As per race, but PP is always 19 or higher, if lower, adjust to 19.

Restrictions: Must be a mortal, SDC creature. (Two reasons: #1 The jedi council would never approve to train a supernatural creature, too dangerous. And #2, it would be Mega-Munchkin)

Hit Points: PE + (2d6+4)/lvl
S.D.C.: 1d4x10+4d6 plus physical bonuses. Includes Men of Arms bonus.

P.P.E.: 3d6

Force Points: 40+1d4x10+ME(x2) +(2d6+16)/lvl

Natural Abilities: Can stay active even at -20 H.P. with the use of force powers, other than that they are same as any other of their race.

Combat: Hand to hand: Jedi (OR: Jeditsu, if you want to go palladium all the way)

Begins with three attacks per melee, and has trained to use his powers in unison with the lightsaber. Ergo, does not suffer from the "2 psi attacks per melee"-handicap.

Has WP lightsaber as a weapon kata-equivalent.

1st +1 to strike, +2 to parry&dodge, +2 to roll with P/F/I
2nd +1 attack per melee, karate-style kick does 1d8 damage
3rd +1 to strike, parry&dodge, Critical strike 19+
4th +1 attack per melee, +1 to roll with P/F/I
5th Judo-style body flip/throw, 1d6 damage and opponent loses attack & initiative
6th +1 attack per melee, +1 to strike, Critical strike 18+
7th +1 attack per melee, +1 to parry&dodge
8th Counter-attack, +1 to roll with P/F/I
9th +1 attack per melee
10th Death blow on a natural 20
11th +1 to strike, +2 to damage
12th Critical strike 17+
13th +2 to roll with P/F/I
14th +1 attack per melee, Death blow on a natural 19+
15th +1 to parry&dodge

*the absence of initiative bonuses is quite deliberate, the jedi rarely start a fight, but they do tend to finish it. Sith lords start fights, but they still practice the same arts. They just "magnify senses" before they begin to rumble.

The counter-attack on level 8 is a rather deadly ability, giving the jedi a chance to instantly move on the offensive after being attacked in hand to hand. In game terms, it allows the jedi a "free shot" after a succesful parry with the lightsaber out of the normal turn sequence, without the loss of an attack. This extra attack is done with only half bonuses to strike. If the Jedi fails to parry, then he may not counter-attack. The jedi is also limited to only TWO counter-attacks per mini-round (everyone`s one attack), So if three attackers strike the jedi simultaneously, he can only counter-attack two, and the last one, or whichever the player chooses not to counter, will merely be parried. Take note that this also applies to close-range shot/parried energy blasts and projectile attacks, when the jedi can slash back with his lightsaber. It is also this ability that makes a battle between two Jedi quite fast-paced (not to mention deadly), although not in game terms.

Average Life Span: The light side heals and restores, triple the usual life span. As for the Sith, the dark side consumes the body and soul, life span is cut in half.

OCC Skills:

Speak & Write English-96%
Demon&Monster Lore(+20%)
First aid(+10%)
Basic Math (+10%)
Land Navigation+15%
Construct/maintain lightsaber- 40%+6% per level (Probably wouldn`t begin lightsaber mass-production, or sell the design)
WP Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand: Jedi (cannot be changed)

OCC Related: select 8 skills, 2 at level 3, 3 at level 5, 2 at level 6, 2 at level 9, 1 at level 12.
Communications: Any
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic only
Espionage: Any (+5%)
Mechanical: Automotive only
Medical: None
Military: Any (but not military trained)
Physical: Any (+10%)
Pilot: Any
Pilot Related: Any (+5%)
Rogue: Any
Science: Any
Technical: Any (+5%)
WP: Any
Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Choose an additional 4 skills from the previous list without bonuses.

Standard Equipment: Lightsaber, Energy pistol of choice w/ 3 clips, set of clothing, First Aid kit, Knapsack, Back Pack, 2 canteens,Boots, Cloak.

Money: 3d6x100 credits.

Cybernetics: Wouldn`t voluntarily go `borg, but sometimes prosthetics are necessary.

Experience Table: Same as Cyber-Knight. Note that the jedi actually attains the rank of a "Jedi-knight" when all his force categories and he himself is 4th level or higher. Around 10th level he will probably be considered a Jedi master.

Lightsaber: inflicts 5d6 MD and increases in power (+2d6MD every three levels, and +1d6MD per level of Control Power). This doesn`t mean he every once in a while twists a knob on the saber, turning the power up, rather, he learns and perfects techniques on where and how to strike. Also note that when the damage reaches 10d6, it becomes 1d4x10+20. The max damage is 1d6x10+30(50% more than a power halberd), and is reached when the official damage is 15d6. At this point, real pain can be inflicted. Obviously PS, even supernatural, has NO EFFECT on the damage inflicted.

They can also parry energy/projectile attacks with PP+WP bonuses only (and +1 to parry for every level of sense power). If the parry roll for an energy attack exceeds the rolled strike by 3 or more, the shot is sent back at the shooter. At 6th level the jedi can choose where the shot is deflected.

Note: For the Lightsaber WP use the WP Sword given in the book. Also a Jedi will try not to use a lightsaber on an enemy not capable of defending himself from the attack. (ex. A peasant is being mugged by a thug with no weapons, the Jedi won't lop his head off with the Lightsaber.)



It takes 2000XP to raise a category up 1 lvl, 1500XP for the Sith.

The character can take a part (or all) of their earned xp and put it toward the advancement of force powers (there are 3 classes Control, Sense and Alter) as they see fit.


******* Control Powers *******

Control Pain: Cost- 5 isp no Sdc, 10 for 1/2 htp, 20 for no htp
Effect: Allows the character to ignore the pain caused by any wound and act as normal. This also works on pain inflicted through torture, searing heat and extreme cold. Note: This doesn't heal the wound or remove the fact that he`s burning up/freezing to death, he just doesn't feel it.
Dur: 2 min/lvl

Remain Conscious: Cost- 10 for no htp, 20 for -10 htp
Effect: Allows the character to remain conscious even if the blow should render them otherwise. The next action should be Control pain if they would like to do anything else. After this is done the character may act normally for the duration of the effect.
Dur: 2 min/lvl

Hibernative Trance: Cost- 20
Effect: The character falls into unconsciousness and for all intents and purposes looks dead. Anyone who looks at the character will believe they are dead unless they perform a complete diagnosis to prove otherwise. Listening for a heart beat will require about a minute to discover a slight trace of one.
Dur: 1 month in a dry atmosphere, 2 in a moist atmosphere, 3 before the character dies of starvation.
Note: A character can snap out of the trance at any time but they have no idea about what is going on around them in this state.

Accelerated Healing Cost- 5
Effect: When using this power the character gains 10 htp or sdc plus the normal healing rate is tripled for one day.
Dur: Instant

Contort/Escape: Cost- Loose Bonds- 5, handcuffs- 10, serious restraints- 15, Maximum security- 20, Houdini like- 30
Effect: Allows the contortion of body parts to escape any restraints without causing damage to the character.
Dur: per set of restraints

Detoxify Poison: Cost- 15
Effect: Allows the character to detoxify any poison so that it will not harm them. This also includes the effects of alcohol and similar substances.
Dur: Instant

Control Disease: Cost- 20
Effect: Allows the character to direct the body's immune system to throw off infection or disease with a 75% success rate.
Duration: Instant

******* Sense Powers *******

Receptive Telepathy: Cost- 2 for willing members, The ME of target if attempting to resist.
Effect: Allows the character to read the surface thoughts or emotions of the target. For 2x the cost you can read sections of the targets mind and their true intentions. Failed attempt DO use up points.
Dur: 2 min/lvl
Saving Throw: vs Psionics at -4, if resists.

Magnify Senses: Cost- 3 per 6 ft radius, max radius is is the 6ft per level of power.
Effect: The character can sense something that would be impossible to sense otherwise. The character can sense traps, concealed passages or people, invisible objects etc. However, the character will only know that they are present, not where or what they are. When it comes to being attacked from behind or being ambushed/sniped, the jedi gets a feeling corresponding to the danger. Ex. an ambush is waiting, the jedi feels that "something`s wrong, better be wary", but when the ambush is sprung, he gets a sharp "Hit the deck!" feeling. Sorta like Zanshin/6th sense, but not quite.
Bonuses: +5 to initiative, +2 to parry (also applies to lightsaber vs. energy blast), and +4 to dodge while power is activated.
Dur: 2 min/lvl

Life Sense: Cost- 5
Effect: The character can sense the presence and identity of the person for which they seek. The user can tell how bad off the person is and if the power is kept up the character can track the target with 70% accuracy. The catch is, you have to have some idea of whom you are looking for. Ie, Im looking for Whatshisname, a guy who sells Something in city of Idontknow wont be enough. You gotta have SOME kind of connection to the subject ("Vader`s on that ship. I can feel it."), or know his name, what he looks like, and some background. If the target being tracked has psionic ability they will sense this and a mind block will negate it. Quite handy if you really want to find someone.
Dur: 6 min/lvl

Instinctive Navigation: Cost- 10
Effect: Adds +25% to navigation rolls and only have to check at half the normal rate when the power is in use.
Dur: 1 hr/lvl

Force Seeing: Cost- 6
Using the force, the Jedi can see in total darkness.
Dur: 2min/lvl

******* Alter Powers *******

Force speed: Cost- 5
Pretty self-explanatory, gives the Jedi superhuman speed. Doubles speed attribute for the duration.
Dur: 2 melees/lvl

Force Jump: Cost- 4
Another obvious power. The ability to leap incredible distances, and survive otherwise injuring falls. Applies also if hanging from a ledge, the jedi can hurl himself back to the upper surface with his hands(or so it seems). Leap 9m+1m/lvl, horizontal and vertical. Max falling distance is 12m+1m/lvl without getting hurt. After that, its like falling the leftover distance.
Dur: jump/fall

Hold Breath: Cost- 6
The jedi stops breathing air, and instead sustains himself with the force. Incidentally, this won`t
protect him from vacuum or oceanic pressure, but might give him a fighting chance in a gas-trap.
Dur: 2min/lvl

Telekinesis: Cost- 4 for small objects, 14 for heavy objects
Small objects count for eveything smaller than a TV set, while large objects depend upon the level of this power. 1-3 restricted to 200kg, 4-6 to 500kg, 7-9 to 1400kg, 10-12 to 3500kg, 13-15+ is case dependant. Suffice to say, that at 14th level it is possible to levitate a VERY large spacecraft. We`re talkin Horizont-Garfish size. Please note that the HEAVY object to be manipulated must be inanimate, ie, an inactive PA could be moved, but an active one could not.
Also, moving a heavy object requires concentration, and lots of it. The jedi must sometimes even close his eyes to shut off all visual interference, "seeing" the object to be moved through the force.
Small objects are not subject to these restrictions, ie, an spinning fan can be moved/stopped.
Pressing buttons, pulling levers count as small objects.

Injure/Kill: Cost- 30 plus targets PE
Effect: The character attempts to alter the targets body in such a way that it will incapacitate or kill the target. Both the target and the character roll a 20 sided die, the character adds his ME att. the target adds his PE att. to this roll. If the characters roll is 2x the targets then the target is mortally wounded, if the characters roll is higher the target is incapacitated for 1 melee round (loses all attacks), and if the targets roll is higher or equal there is no effect.
Dur: Instant


******* Control/Sense Powers *******

These are combinations of the above powers giving the previous powers greater effect. In order to use these powers a character must have a level in each of these categories.

Projective Telepathy Cost- 5 per 1000 ft range
Effect: The target "hears" the thoughts and "feels" the emotions of the user. The target knows these feelings aren't their own. This power is not used to control only to communicate.
Bonuses: Adds +10% to trust rolls if the character is projecting sincere thoughts.
Dur: 2 min/lvl
Saving Throw: vs psionics if target is not receptive.

Foreseeing: Cost- 15 if looking into the past, 25 if looking into the future.
Effect: The user sees the place or person he wishes to see in their mind. The character can see the surrounding area around the target so the character can sense what is happening. This power can also be used to see into the past or the future. Looking into the past allows the character to get glimpses of what has happened in the particular area. Looking into the future the character's view rapidly becomes unclear because the future is not set. GM'S discretion on what they allow the character to see.
Dur: 3 sec/lvl

******* Control/Alter *******

Control Another's Pain: Cost- add 5 to Control Pains costs
Effect: See Control Pain

Return to Consciousness: Cost- add 5 to Remain Conscious costs
Effect: See Remain Conscious

Place in Hibernative Trance: Cost- 30
Effect: Same as Hibernative Trance but can only be used on a willing target.

Accelerate Another's Healing: Cost- 15
Effect: See Accelerated Healing

Detoxify Poison in Another: Cost- + 5 to Detoxify Poisons cost
Effect: See Detoxify Poison

Control Another's Disease: Cost- +5 to Control Disease cost
Effect: See Control Disease

Inflict Pain: Cost- 20
Effect: The target experiences a great deal of agony reducing all bonuses and skills by half for as long as the power is kept active. The target gets a saving throw vs. psionics when the power is used and at every upkeep.
Dur: 2 min/lvl

Transfer Force: Cost- 25
Effect: The Jedi transfers part of his life force (htp) into a target with a 5 htp minimum transfer. The target heals the amount channeled however the loss to the Jedi is permanent.
Dur: Instant

Force Push: Cost- 6 per target, max targets equal power level.
A variation of the telekinesis ability, the jedi uses the force to violently toss his opponents aside, losing their balance and usually ending up with a concussion. Affected victims the 4d6 SDC damage, lose 2 attacks and man-sized targets are hurled 15 feet backwards, while PAs and similar heavy objects just take a step back, no effect. Area of effect is ~ 90 degrees angle to the desired direction.
Saving throw: roll under PP -12 to keep upright/maintain balance. If save is made, simply is pushed backwards, but remains upright, no loss of attacks. (might be startled, though)

Summon animals: Cost- 5 for small, 9 for medium/large, 16 for huge
This ability is a variation of the "affect mind" power, used only to lure non-intelligent animals and beasts to the jedi. The animal(s) will come to the jedi at best possible speed, their insticts clouded by the force. Note that this power only calls the animals, it does not make them docile. Ie. a hungry predatorial animal would attack any feasible/edible target, though the jedi would be its last choice. The distance from where the animal(s) will respond depends, 200m/lvl. Force cost is for one animal (more can be called, merely multiply the cost with the number of called animals) and furthermore, if no such creature is present in the radius, then the points spent are wasted.


*****Control, Sense, Alter Powers*******

Affect Mind: Cost- 8+ME of target, a failure does not use any points.
Effect: Alter a victims perception "What was that noise", alter a characters conclusions so that they come to an incorrect conclusion " These aren't the droids we're looking for". Can also cause hallucinations sensed by all senses. The victim gets to make a psionic saving throw at -3 to prevent the effects from happening.
Dur: Instant, 3min/lvl for hallucinations

Telekinetic Kill: Cost- 30 + PE of target
Can't be learned until third level in all 3 categories
Effect: The user uses his telekinetic ability to injure/kill the intended target. The exact method can vary: one can stir the brain, squeeze the heart or Vader's personal favorite crush the trachea. The victim is allowed the best 2 out of 3 psionic saving throws at -3.
Dur: Instant

Force Lightning: Cost- 20 per melee
This incredible ability is only known by Sith lords (all categories at 9th level or higher), the force is used to immobilize, inflict pain and kill. When used, lightnings fly out from the users eyes or hands, automatically striking the target, knocking all but the most powerful beings on the ground. Take a save vs pain at 23+, or start writhing in agony. Cybernetics and bionics are mangled at -30mdc per attack, but as they do not feel pain, merely cease to function when sufficient damage is caused. It takes 4 melees to kill the target, though this can be prolonged if desired. The target can take a new save each melee, suffering a cumulative -2 to his roll after the first save (first is 23+, 2nd 25+, 27+ etc.), but after the fourth melee, death follows if the Sith so desires. SDC or MDC, no difference. Note that the victim is ravaged by the dark energies of the Sith and his essence or soul is consumed. (No jippo-twig or "the five-assed fish-morpheling from the jade planet" can save the guy, no matter how big and omnipotent the Giant fur-barren trout was that gave it to you). He is GONE, perioid.


This OCC wasn`t completely made by me. It was originally made by someone else, and I heavily modified it, but I`ve forgotten who the original author was. So if you recognize your work, please contact me so I can give you credit.