New Cybernetics for Rifts:

Electronic neural enhancement:
Most people think that a thought is fast, and it is. But it could be faster. Introducing Fast!Path® neural enhancement, it accelerates the synaptic functions (the electronic impulses in your brain) to give you the edge you need.
Cost: 30,000 credits
Game stats: +2 to initiative

Cybernetic neural reconstruction:
By using nano-technology and two small implants in your neck and lower back we can better your chances to hit that bullseye. Tiny nanobots reroute your neural pathways to give you better hand to eye coordination.
Cost: 90,000
Game stats: +3 to PP, cannot take it over 23. It`s difficult to improve the perfect...

Electronic muscle enhancement:
Just how does working out at the gym affect your body, your muscles? By straining them you are telling them to adapt by becoming stronger, developing more and better tissue. And how do drugs make you stronger? By releasing massive amounts of natural hormones in your system, telling your muscles to grow even more. Our treatment will include a small implant the size of a stamp and a load of nanobots to modify your own organs to produce more of those hormones and agitate your muscles to become stronger! The implant is there simply to monitor the bots, and act as their "base".
Cost: 45,000 credits
Game stats: +4 to PS and +25 to SDC. NOT cumulative with the skill body building.