Magical items

A magic ring bestows one or more enhancements on the wearer. The gained abilities & powers can be instantly felt by the user but only after the ring has been placed on his finger. Cursed rings also exist, so it is wise to have a recently found ring appraised by someone proficient in the area before using the ring. Cursed rings cannot be removed by any means, except chopping off the finger or using the "remove curse" invocation succesfully. When putting on a cursed ring the character gets a save vs magic (spell strenght 16). If the save is succesful the character gets a nasty feeling and can pull the ring off. A new save is taken each melee the ring is on, until the ring is removed or the save fails (After witch the ring cannot be removed except by the above methods)

A character cannot pile ring upon ring on his fingers, but only a finite number can be used because the magical energies will disrupt each other. Therefore, the following system applies to using magical rings: A character has a number of "slots" to use rings depending on his class / OCC. Different rings take up varying amounts of such "slots" depending on their strenght and tolerance of other magic on the person. The number of slots taken up by a particular ring is indicated in brackets ( for exaple, [2] means two slots ) following the rings description.

Men of Arms
8 slots
8 slots
Magic Classes
12 slots
Dragons & other supernatural creatures of Magic.
4 slots


The Orion (ring of health)
+4 to PS&PE, +6 to Spd, +25SDC, heals three times as fast as normal. [3]

The Farseer (ring of insight)
+2 to ME, +1 to save vs psionics & magic. The wearer may also experience clairvoyance from time to time, though he may not invoke it consciously. He might get a vision from a time or place of important meaning to him and it may happen anytime, though never in combat. (GMs discrection what the character sees, if anything) [3]

The Goliath (ring of power)
The wearer may use the ring to increase his strenght to inhuman levels (supernatural strenght) for a duration of ten minutes twice per day. Also adds 10 to the strenght attribute for the duration of the magic. [6]

The Eviscerator (cursed ring)
This ring causes the wearer to automatically emote hostility to everone else around him. All, including animals will instantly dislike or maybe even hate the character the moment they see him. This might be simply funny (such as birds constantly "molesting" him, cats hissing ) to downright dangerous ( wildlife attacking on sight, beatings by thugs, etc... ) Only those with close ties to the character, family & friends, are mostly unaffected by the foul magic, but will still find the characters more annoying habits really getting on their nerves. [1]