Perks are new stuff that you can add to your char, by sacrificing some PPE, XP, ISP, (something)...
Only available 1 per level, does not have to be chosen when level is gained. Also, you cant spend points on the perk that would knock you down a level, you have to always have enough XP to "stay on the level you`ve gained".


-Increase Attribute: +1 to a chosen attribute, only 1 each. Cost: 1200XP
-Increase SDC: +12 SDC. Max 3. Cost: 700XP
-Increase MDC: +5 MDC. Max 3. Cost 700XP
-Increase Attacks: +1 attack per melee. Definitely only 1 (one) of these! Cost: 6000XP
-Increase Strike: +1 to strike. Max +1. Cost: 500XP
-Inrease Parry: +1 to parry. Max +1. Cost: 450XP
-Inrease Dodge: +1 to dodge Max +2. Cost: 450XP
-Disgusting/disfigured face: Knock yer PB down to 0. HF 2-12. Cost: Your PB points.
-Deathbringer: NPC´s around you have a funny (funny weird, not funny ha-ha) habit of dying.
Cost: 1000XP.
-"Have we met before?": You just have one of those faces, that everyone seems to have seen "somewhere before". Great if it`s a babe and you`re trying to get some / not so great if it`s a walking mountain of muscle and he thinks it was you who he saw stealing his car.
Cost: 400XP

Men Of Arms only:

-Bad to the Bone!: Walks, talks, looks like one mean MoFu! Includes increases in intimidation, "attitude" and street-credibility.
Cost: 100XP
-Fearless: Decreases your chances of being affected by HF, includes ability to keep your cool in situations where others would piss their pants yellow. Cost: 400XP
-Streetfighter: Gives you a rep as a streetfighter (be that of a "King of the Streets" or "the Sugar Boy"), may get you in as many fights as out of them. Add +15 SDC and +1 to Strike and Parry in Hand to Hand, too!
Cost: 500XP
-Sharpshooter: +1 to strike in three WPs, add 50m in the maximum effective range for the guns in the selected WPs. Modern only, stupid.
Cost: 2000XP
-Pop-a-vein: (in your head, at the gym) Move 1-3pts from IQ to PS. Player decides amount. Cost: 200XP
-Rugged: You`re sooo rugged, and EVERYONE knows it by looking at you. Like the first "quirk", but only less of a bad-ass, and more... rugged. `Nuff said.
Cost: 100XP

Men Of Magic only:

-Mystic Revalation: You really hit the books ( or whatever ), and gained 12 PPE. Too bad you forgot to eat, sleep, or exercise for that matter. Lose 2pts of PS, stick-boy.
Cost: 300XP
-Power Overwhelming: You radiate magic energy, emanating a faint blue (red if you wish) glow, stronger from your eyes. Visible even at daytime. Great intimidation value, making people think you´re a powerful wizard instead of the fruitcake-geek you REALLY are. Not so useful in CS territory.
Cost: 6 PPE lost permanently, 800XP
-Atrophy: Aaargh! Your body is withering away, while your magic compensates. No statistical changes, but your appearance is changed to that of an Ancient, prehistoric old geezer of your race. You have now the right to be as cranky and bitter to the world as you like. (Turn that music down you little... When I was young we never... What was I saying?) Remember, no REAL change `cept for the looks, and it gets better when you REALLY age. Eventually you get the Skeletor-look. Cool.
Cost: 700XP
-Change skin color: Hey, I`m GREEN! Meddling with forces beyond your comprehension, you have managed to change your epidermal color to that of a cactus. Maybe you should quit while you`re ahead?
Cost: 300XP (GM decides if it`s "in" or "out".)
-The Force: By combining your linguistic abilities with your magical skills, you can now speak without bothering your vocal cords. You also sound a lot more convincing or you`re just plain ridiculous. Select any kind of voice type from the enigmatic Protoss/Vorlons to the incomprehensible Donald Duck. Subsequent voice-type changes are impossible. A great surprise for those CS soldiers who think that gagging prevents spell-casting.
Cost: 1000XP

WEAPONS UPGRADES, FOR MAGIC / RUNE WEAPONS ONLY! Also the weapon should be an integral part of the character, not just one from the characters huge sack-o-TW blades. Well, you get the idea.

-Increased damage: (sharper/jagged edge, cutting forcefield) +1 to damage, max +20 Cost: 200XP
-Additional combat bonuses: (better balance, lighter weight, magical speed increases )
+1 to parry, max +3 Cost: 800XP
+1 to strike, max +3 Cost: 950XP