A system so all-encompassing as the one used in rifts cannot be perfect. Having said that I can also point out that it also has gaping holes in it`s logic and realism. But what really gets on my nerves is the fact that normal humans, in fact, all SDC creatures and weapons are practically worthless in combat. I know, I know: "But you can wear body armor! But they can use PAs!" BUT SO CAN THE MDC GUYS. And they don`t turn to smoke when their arrnor fails. I also understand that all things are not created equal, but really, what can one do with an SDC weapon? Shoot hamsters? Yeah, right... Well, my rules revisions address this problem.

The other thing that bothers me is the SDC/MDC-world concept. When a CS SAMAS in on rifts earth, it can deflect powerful ion blasts with its armor. But when it goes through a rift to Wormwood, suddenly the pilot notices how NORMAL ARROWS cut through like nothing! What the hell happened?!? Did the armor just turn to balsa wood? And when he shoots a bear with the ion blaster (that would have leveled a normal house on rifts earth), the bear simply gets pissed off, and rips an arm off the SAMAS!! Did the powercells on the blaster get damaged in the rift or what? And when he returns to rifts earth, he finds that he can once again cut down a thousand bears at a whim. What the hell were they smoking when they came up with this???

Well, there are more imperfections on the game, but they`re minor and can be accepted. Anyway, thanks goes to the folks at Palladium for bringing us such a great game!