The point of all these new rules is simply to bring more sense in some of the most absurd parts of the Palladium game system. Also take note that sometimes realism must be sacrificed for the functionality of the game.

Rate of fire: Standard means SINGLE SHOT ONLY. No bursts. This eliminates the phenomenon of an infantryman taking out a PA within a single melee, and makes the bigger guns actually effective.

1 MDC equals 10 SDC, except for explosives. This gives the SDC guys a fighting chance to survive.

There is no such thing as an SDC/MDC world! If a being or machine is MDC on rifts earth, it is still MDC in Wormwood. Use your judgement on what is SDC and what is MDC. For example, a Holy Terror does change into an MDC-being on Rifts-earth while being SDC in Wormwood. But a SAMAS armor does NOT become vulnerable to arrows in Wormwood. Magic is fickle but steel is always strong 8)

The two additional attacks that robot/PA combat gives: Forget them, it`s an idiotic rule. Instead, the skill ables the pilot to fire multiple weapon systems at once, may fire 1 weapon system for every 4 levels of the skill. For example, a first level pilot could fire 1 weapon system per attack, but an 8th level pilot could fire 3. The shots can be directed at different targets. Watch out for experienced robot gunners!

About Powered Armor & Robot weaponry... After some thinking, I`ve come to the conclusion that by the current rules large Robot weapons are just as effective than any other infantry shoulder-mounted cannon, despite the fact that it has ten times more power and is usually three time as big. Therefore, all LARGE PA AND ROBOT weapons inflict double damage. After some playtesting I decided to exclude smaller PA`s which are, in effect, only powered infantry exoskeletons. By large I mean armors beginning from 6m ( 18ft ) and up in height. Missiles are always at normal damage, huge robots usually just have more of them. Yep, SAMAS is still crap.