You have reached ms Nessu`s web pages. Altough a human has written these, I assure you the contents are very feline in origin. Typing with paws can be a challenging task, trust me. Wanna see more pics of me? Sure you do. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger pic.


My biography:
I was born, after seven weeks I was moved to my new (and current) home, where I`ve lived ever since. Yeah, and once I saw a blimp.

My hobbies:
Chasing thrown objects, ruining furniture, shredding paper (toilet/official forms, I don`t care), making a ruckus at night, dropping objects from shelves, chasing a laser pointer dot (this I love), sitting in the sun for hours on end, leaving hair everywhere, eating, sleeping, eating some more, running around with no purpose, jumping at any reflected light...