The "creature" is a silicon-based being that was unearthed in a Siberian mine. The woken creature infected a few of the miners and killed the rest (each creature carries only 5 spikes used to infect hosts). Presumably it evolved while most of the earth`s surface was still covered in molten lava and looked nothing like it does now. This particular creature was created by infecting a bipedal humanoid, most likely a neanderthal or cro-magnon, and somehow it got trapped in the earth (quicksand, landslide...). Needing no air to sustain itself, it entered a hibernative state and slumbered for many millenia. Until now.

Astoundingly resilient and capable of regenerating the most grievous cuts in mere minutes, it`s no wonder the AI was interested in the creature the moment it intercepted a transmission by the miners to the neo-soviet government. Governments are slowed down by bureaucracy, so Zetatech AVs were on the site first. Quickly capturing the mature creature and recovering those infected, it destroyed the rest, leaving only charred corpses for the soviets to find.

The creature itself is only pseudo-intelligent, it can formulate attack plans and figure out cause-effect relations (ie, when I turn the handle, the door opens), not the hows or whys, nor does it care. Being only slightly above animal intellect, it`s priority is to survive and multiply, and to be the dominant species. Let`s just hope the PCs don`t let the creatures out of the facility.

Stats: Location: SP: Location: SP Skills:
INT 3 Head 22 Tail 18 Brawling/Stealth 6
REF 11 Carapace 24 Eyes 4 Spit "skill" 4
BOD 16 Abdomen 16 Natural weapons: (Damage | Description), damage includes body type damage bonus.
MA 9 Shoulders 24
TECH 2 Upper arms 14 2d6+9 Forearm blades, edged
COOL 12 Forearms 22 1d6+10 Knee spike, treat as monoblade
EMP 0 Upper legs 24 2d6+acid Bite attack, normal
ATTR -2 Lower legs 16 4d6 (acid) Acid spit, use rules for acid corrosion.
"The ovipositor":
The creatures breed by infecting other animals with a genetic virus that rapidly (the process takes roughly 20 hours to complete) transforms the victim into one of them. The tail contains five small hollow "spikes" that the creatured use to convey the virus by stabbing the host with the tail, and inserting the spike anywhere, just having the tip penetrate the skin by 1mm is enough. When a spike is used, the next spike moves in place from a sack in the tip of the tail. After being struck, the victim instantly falls into a catatonic stupor, not reacting to any stimuli. The process can be reversed by genetic treatment, but it must be done within 12 hours of infection. After that the brain begins to change. Also note that the changes that have already taken place before the treatment are NOT reversed, they must be surgically corrected.
The creature regenerates wounds at an incredible rate, 1 point per 10 seconds, this means one can actually see the wounds knit up before your very eyes! It will always regenerate to full health, until you blast it to pieces or it loses too much tissue (suffers over 110 pts of damage without feeding).