Aimpoint® laser dot sights
Everyone knows the value of a good and reliable sight. After all, you can`t shoot what you can`t make out in the horizon. Aimpoint is dedicated to manufacturing quality laser dot sights to all you weapons enthusiast out there. The laser diode works at wavelenghts of 600-650nm, and has a maximum output of 18mW. Dispersion is almost none-existent, so you are limited only by the lens of the sight. And that is no limit with clear magnification up to 1800m! You`ll still have to pull the trigger yourself, though... When not on use, it is recommended that the laser diode and optics lens covers are used.
Game stats:
The laser dot gives a +2 to the hit roll when the dot can be seen. The teleoptics give +1 to the hit roll when firing to long and extreme ranges, helps if you can see the target better.
Cost: 400 eb for the submacinegun model, 450 eb for rifle and machinegun.