The "GunBros" 7.62mm Cobra Light Machinegun
The cobra is an another weapon desinged and made by the the GunBros. Again, using Electro Thermal rounds and a functional design, this weapon is popular with edgerunners who know quality when they see it. Unfortunately for many people the price is way too high when compared to a mass produced LMG. However, the cobra is much lighter than a conventional machinegun withcomparable firepower thanks to new advances in metallurgy and this is reflected, again, in the price tag. The ammo feed is a 50 round disintegrating link belt. Hand built by comission, only 31 cobras have been built to date.
RIF | +1 | N | R | 4d10+4 | 50 | 10 | 500m | VR | 8400 eb