The Constrictor sniper system (7.62mm)

The Constrictor is designed and built exclusively by the GunBros, and is more than just a "mere" sniper rifle. It includes all the standard features you`d expect to find and much more. Using, as all GunBros weapons do, cased ammo with electrothermal enchancement the constrictor packs a punch you`d expect to find in an anti-tank rifle. The clip goes in just in front of the trigger.
- An electric trigger (+1 to WA at long&extreme range)
- Scope with: Teleoptics(20X), LowLite, IR Laser dot, Infra red and a GunCam (If your employer wants proof)
- Detachable flash suspensor
- Detachable silencer
- Detachable bipod
- Recoil suspension
- The case: SP 25, Wt:5,5 kg. silent fingerprint-lock and mechanism makes NO SOUND when opened.
- The stock can store 9 individual extra bullets.
- Remote firing system. Just set the gun up and walk away. When the time comes, push a button in the remote control (in the little red box beside the actual remote system) and the weapon says "bang!". The recoil suspensor makes sure the first shot hits home. However, any subsequent shots will deviate from the original point by 2-8 meters. But all you need is one shot, right?

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