The basic plot behind the campaign is that a self-aware AI has decided that it knows what`s best for mankind, and sees itself as God. The AI is physically housed partially in the Net, but most of it is in the Zetatech mainframe. Is it an alien intelligence? A highly advanced man-made AI like Skynet? Or was it just created accidentally by all the traffic in the net? While playing the AI, play it just as it is: a MACHINE thinking that it`s GOD. Now what comes to it`s plans, it doesn`t wish to enslave humanity, or wipe it out. It just thinks that humans have no idea of how to run their planet, so the AI will run it for them. Pollution, crimes, wars, all should be stopped. But being a machine it cannot comprehend that the ends don`t always justify the means. The AI has killed all of Zetatechs executives, and has constructed elaborate holograms to make decisions in their place. Note that as the AI has incredible power in the net, it can hack into almost anything with relative ease, thus giving it an excellent business edge. Zetatech is rising in power. Do the players agree with the AI? Will they try to become it`s lieutenants in the New World Order it plans? Or will they fight the AI to their last dying breath to protect freedom? Whatever their choice, this campaign will take them from the rainforests of Brazil to the depths of the Ural-mountains. I hope you have as much fun playing this through as we did. —Ronin2020.