...and on our other news today, a jewelry store was robbed last night on the 5th avenue. The police are requesting any witnesses to report their sightings to... "So someone finally decided to go window shopping. I had wondered how long would it take, with so little security. The old guy had it coming. Oh well, I`d best... what the hell??" "THIS IS THE POLICE! OPEN THE DOOR AND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!"

The campaign begins when one of the PCs gets stabbed with a small knife from behind while on the street. He might not even notice it if he`s got his pain editor on. The knife is a PositorKnife (Expert:weapons 20+ to identify), and was used to insert a small bio-chip in the character. The next day when returning home, the stabbed character finds that someone has broken into his apartment, but nothing seems to be taken. (That chair has been moved, I KNOW I closed that door, etc...) Whilst searching for a possible bomb/bug, the PCs overhear the news: a jewelry store across the street has been robbed last night. 6 min later the police come storming in, arresting the character(s), finding a part of the loot in a stash within the apartment. If the PCs are cybered up, there are some C-SWAT officers too. The character(s) get jailed, and are easy to access by the Zetatech AI, but for now the bio-chip is to be stored.

Getting out of jail. Waiting for the 3-year sentence to pass is not an option, the PC(s) have to break out and find the real criminals to clear their name. Or go and get new SINs, this ain`t The epic adventures of Robin Hood. The PCs can break out using their own wits, but a 3-man group is already planning escape and could use the PCs talents. Or the PCs could help them out in some other way, and befriend them (maybe assist them to take out a rival bunch of inmates...). They have bribed a couple of the guards to look away for a moment, and a diversion fight has been set up to occupy the rest. A netrunner will open the doors and gates to reach outside, and a car will come to pick them up, and drop them off ino the sewers, from where they plan to ultimately escape. And so happens, though the PCs will have to take out some guards. (Make the escape interesting, a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the police, as the PCs are unarmed and outnumbered)

A "familiar fixer" gets in contact with the group, and says he knows where the real robber will meet his buyers. Why a part of the loot was in the PCs apartment, he has no idea, he just overheard this one bit and thought he could make some extra bucks. He wants 1000eb for the info, but will drop the price if the players don`t have enough cash, or will take a favor in the future. The meeting is a trap for the PCs so make it believeable. If the PCs still don`t go for it, too bad. Zetatech needs that chip, and will take it one way or the other.