The "real thief" or his representative is to meet the buyers the next day at 23.15, in a secluded area of the combat zone. When the PCs arrive (well in advance, as would be wise) they will see at 23.09 a black lightly armored limo park into a nearby alley. At exactly 23.15 a hooded figure, approx 1.9m tall and well built, approaches the limo. If the players do not intervene, the figure will walk next to the car, and they would seem to be negotiating. After a few minutes the man in the car seems to have an argument and the hooded figure steps in the limo, and the limo drives off. The PCs notice, however, that when stepping in the car, the hooded man "accidentally" drops a piece of paper, like an envelope from his robes. The note is empty, ZT had hoped that the PCs would reveal themselves by getting it after the limo has left.

If the players are spotted or reveal themselves at any point, there are three armed solos in the limo, and the hooded figure is a fourth solo. There is also a sniper 320 meters away in an apartment window to the north, looking for a shot. The sniper is an eurosolo ( Franz Merrand ) visiting USA, and was hired by Zetatech for the job. If the PCs are spotted, the Zetatech solos will attack them but not with an idiot-rush. Play them as the situation requires. Also note that if the PCs don`t show, the sniper will keep watch for an hour and leave. If he spots someone going for the paper, he`ll notify the limo, take out those who are visible (one shot to the torso and one to the head each) and escape to the southeast. If all goes well, the PCs should have the paper and be intact when they head for home. More important, they now have reason to doubt that Zetatech is somehow involved.

GM note: It was at this point that my entire PC group had an attack of the dumbass and got themselves killed. So if that happens, no problemo. The next chapter doubles as an introduction, but can be played even if your players didn`t rush at the limo shouting and shooting with PISTOLS AND NO BODY ARMOR.

If the PCs came in metalgear ( so slap some bigger guns on them if you want the PCs to ba afraid ). But keep in mind - Metalgear is WARgear, that draws attention. And attention is the one thing the PCs don`t need right now.

A map of the situation