IF the characters managed to get their hands on the datachip from the shotgun shell, they can read it themselves in any comp. It goes like THIS. The more observant characters will notice that it is incomplete and encrypted, even if the remaining file is readable, they`ll need the encoder.(For the sake of gameplay & fun, I GREATLY simplified the "encryption" No REAL agency would use anything like this... Du-uh! Change it of you want...) Again, the characters have few options:
1. Decode it themselves. Skills, anyone?
2. One of the PLAYERS decodes it. Unlikely but possible if someone is into this kind of brain-teasers
. Technically it is against the rules as it should be the characters who use their skills and not the players but if its fun, go for it!
3. Contract someone on the street to acquire the decoder for the characters. (15,000 - 25,000eb)
4. Acquire the decoder for themselves.

Acquiring the decoder on their own is the most obvious solution, and without too much thinking it is obvious that the datacip is Zetatech property. Our group "persuaded" one of Zetatechs executives to deliver the decoder for them, but as they say, anything goes... The decoder itself is software based and therefore rater easy to get / steal.

Once the PCs have the chip decoded, it looks something like THIS. Note that there are a couple of ways to interpret it, it speaks of an "previously unknown organism" and "incredible regenerative abilities". The chip could refer to either Unlife, the creature uncovered in Siberia, the Guyver Bio-Booster armour (If you think you can handle it / want the PCs to catch a glimpse but maybe not get for themselves?), or something entirely different.