If there`s one thing true in cyberpunk it`s the fact that the PCs are always in need of cash. And even more so when fighting a megacorp such as Zetatech. So here`s some "mercenary" work for the PCs to keep their budget in the black. In the campaign, the PCs usually have time to plan their next move, or do something "inbetween" chapters. Since the campaign itself offers few opportunities for monetary gain (but a smart punk can turn anything into gold right?) the PCs had the option of "finding work from the street".

Our group consisted of 2 solos and a fixer, so the jobs reflect this.
The pays are THE MAXIMUM amount that the PCs can negotiate, if they can. See wildside for rules on negotiation, or figure somethingout yourself (get wildside, it`s a great book for fixers/dealing on the street in general)


1 - The Coalition Against Satanic Fellowship of the Gods (CASFG) wants the group to assassinate on of satans minions, a jewish rabbi named Gerald Kamzoe. Kamzoe is giving a speech at a local market in two days.
Pay: 7000 eb

2 - A small boostergang is about to be annihilated by an another larger gang (30-40 members), and they need help if they`re to survive.
Pay: 4000 eb (plus the gang`s gratitude. They`re a reasonably stable bunch)

3 - Evelyn Gray is to be released from prison tomorrow. She pissed off the wrong people while in jail though, and the PCs are to shoot her head off the moment she clears the prison. As a warning to all who would make the same mistake.
Pay: 9000 eb

4 - A Sov-Oil black ops team is going to raid a Petrocham facility in four days from now, and Petrochem wants the PCs to intercept them as "outsiders". Even the route they`re going to take is known, Petrochem intelligence really came trhough this time.
Pay: 10,000 eb

5 - A small-time fixer has pimped his whores on the wrong street. The PCs are to "remove" them - permanently. There are 7 girls to slaughter, plus their two goons.
Pay: 4000 eb

6 - An anonymous agricorp would like the PCs to remove the Hudson family from their farm, the Hudsons should have sold in time. An easy job, they`re just farmers. Right?
Pay: 2000 eb

7 - The PCs are to be bodyguards to a fixer, who`s going to make a deal with an insane metalhead solo. The merchandise: RPG & 5 rockets. Maybe it goes without a hitch, mebbe the lunatic decides to even up the flesh-head to `borg ratio... (Don`t make him a full-conversion, just pack him up with cyber otherwise)
Pay: 3000 eb

8 - The PCs are to terrorize a media named Saul Veers (hasn`t paid up his gambling debts). They`re to cut off his right index finger as a reminder.
Pay: 3000 eb

9 - An anonymous corporate is fracked off by a particular boostergang caller "The Razors", please kill the all. There are 14 victims.
Their hangout: Combat Zone
Generic stats: REF:6 BOD:7 INT:4 / Brawling:3, Handgun:2 / Armor: SP4 / Armed with light&med. handguns
Pay: 15,000 eb

10 - The PCs are to find illegal TV viewers. For each "tapper" who begins to pay the bills, the PCs get 25eb, for each removed illegal tap the PCs get 15eb. All is fine until the PCs shut off comrade Ivans TV reception. The cyberpsycho looks out the windows and jumps on the PCs with his ChainRipp.
REF:10, Melee:6, Bod:13, Combat Sense:5
Cyberware: Two-face (SP18, 50% prot), RA:SP19 SDP20, others SP16.

He`s got 4650eb in cash (he doesn`t trust banks), a steel helmet, a Metacorp Warhammer (with 61 buckshots), and Ivans Treasure: A .357 Colt Python | P | +2 | J | - | 3d6+6 | 6 | 2 | VR | 60m |
Also, in the same box with the Python there are 6 Depleted Uranium .357 rounds (+d6 to damage, armor 1/4, penetrating damage normal!) Will ignite if penetrates SP 20 or higher. If the round is ignited, it will burn inside the target for 1-3 rounds causing 1-3pts of damage each round. The streetprice for the gun and tha ammo is 20,000eb.