Stats and information on the campaign NPCs



1. The "lunatic"with the knife:
Name: Arthur Williams
Stats: Ref:5 Bod:5 / Melee:3
Weapon: PositorKnife (Expert:Knives/Weapons 20+ to recognize)
Armor: none.
Gear: 2 cans o smash, 200 eb.

2. The cops coming to arrest the PC after the "robbery" (8 of them. Swarm more in if the PCs fight and are winning...)
Stats: Ref:8 Bod:7 / Brawling:4 Rifle&Handgun:4
Weapons: 3 x ColtAMT, 3 x Federated Arms X-9 2d6+1,12,2 and 2 x Stermeyer Stakeout 10 4d6,10,2,-2
vests, T:12

3. C-SWAT (4)
Stats: Ref:10 Bod:10 / Brawling:5 Rifle:5 CS:5
Weapons: FN-RAL, Cyborg Rifle, M31A1, Militech "Ronin"
Armor: H:20,others:14

4. "Prison fight":
Name: Mark Richards
Stats: Ref:8 Bod:8 / Brawling:4 Handgun:4
Name: Enrico Fabriello
Stats: Ref:5 Bod:11 / Boxing :7 Handgun:2
Name: Jack Mueller
Stats: Ref:9 Bod:9 / Brawling:5 Handgun:5

5. Prison security, the ones that the PCs encounter:
Name: Art Nickson
Stats: Ref:9 Bod:7 / Brawling:4 Rifle:4
Weapon: Sternmeyer Stakeout 10 4d6,10,2,-2
Name: Ed Hoskins
Stats: Ref:7 Bod:5 / Brawling:3 Rifle:4
Weapon: Sternmeyer Stakeout 10 4d6,10,2,-2

6. The other prisoners planning an escape:
Name: John Redford
Stats: Ref:10 Bod:6 / Brawling :3
Name: "The Brains"
Stats: Ref:4 Bod:5 / Brawling :0
Name: "The Brawn"
Stats: Ref:11 Bod:13 / Wrestling:7


7. "The black limo": Toyo-Chrysler Omega
Armor: SP:20
120mph max.
Notes: The plates are covered but the covers can be removed. Registered to Zetatech, reported "stolen" 2 days earlier.

7a. The men in the car (identifying these men is indeed quite impossible for the PCs without exposing themselves. The only info the PCs MIGHT be able to get if they are truly god-like in power is that they are "Zetatechs associates"):
Name: "Solo1"
Stats: Ref:9 Bod:9 / CS:3 Brawling:4 SMG:5
Name: "Solo 2"
Stats: Ref:10 Bod:9 / CS:3 Brawling:4 SMG:5
Name: "Solo 3" (
Stats: Ref:9 Bod10 / CS:3 Brawling:4 SMG:5
Weapons: Uzi Miniauto 9 2d6+1,30,30,+1
Armor: T,A SP:14

7b. "The hooded figure"
Name: Tom Eduardo
Stats:Ref:10 Bod:8 / Brawling:4 SMG:5 CS:3
Weapons: HKMPK11 4d6+1,30,20,
Armor: (Metalgear) All SP:25 EV:+2

7c. "Sniper1", an eurosolo hired from France
Name: Franz Merrand)
Stats: Ref:9 Bod:7 / CS:5 Savate:4 Rifle:5
Weapon: FR-F6 6d6+2,10,2,+5 Uses dual purpose, has 6 full clips with him
Gear: :IR Combat cloak,
Cybers: Neuralware, Reflex boost+1, Right cyberarm, Smartlink