The Biodynamics corporation:

Biotechnica decides to build up a new sister-corporation, concentrating to a new form of human augmentation: Cyber evolutions. One of Biotechnicas leading scientists, Dr. Enrico Alonso has deciphered some of the human genetic code, or DNA and is certain he is on the verge of unlocking the entire sequence. That would enable him to make changes at the most basic levels of the human physique.
The new augmentations wouldn`t be "mere add-ons" to the human body. Rather they would be new evolutionary developments of the human body itself, the next step in human evolution! Alonso has convinced the bigshot suits at Biotechnica that he can pull it off, and so he is made the head of research at the Biodynamics corp. After all, if the project fails, they can bury the new corp as a "bad move" ( along with Alonso ) with minimal PR and financial losses.

18. 1. 2021 - The PCs are arrested by the police, and made sure their sentence is read as soon as possible. (24.1.)

1. 2. 2021 - The Biodynamics corporation is founded, hiring personnell, buying officeroom, getting started. The PCs make their jailbreak.

4. 2. 2021 - "The trap"

9. 2. 2021 - "A cry for help"

14. 4. 2021 - Biodynamics goes to the stockmarket, shares are released. Chairman of the board is selected: Chris Reinhardt. Biodynamics share value 53eb

10. 6. 2021 - The building of Biodynamics laboratory at Chicago Port is complated. Zetatech begins the construction of the Alpha wave trasmitters. Construction of its robot soldiers begins.

27. 8. 2021 - Biodynamics research is pushed ito high gear as the brass demands results or else...

22. 3. 2022 - The first breaktroughs are made by Dr. Alonsos team, more of the human DNA code is deciphered. Researh continues at a manic pace, Biodynamics share value rises as information of "a major breaktrough is accidentaly leaked". Share value 91eb.

12. 7. 2022 - The evolutions Brute, Monster and Speedfrak are now available to customers, currently the augmentations can only be done at the Chicago Port facility. Share value 127eb.

12. 9. 2022 - Listener, and after 2 weeks (26.9.) Visionary are completed. Share value continues to rocket; 144eb.

17. 11. 2022 - Brainiac, Feline, Bloodhound Hardskin and Visionary2. Share value. 201eb.

4. 2. 2023 - Alter.

19. 4. 2023 - Dr. Alonso is extracted by Zetatech while going to the theatre with a ladyfriend. The extraction is swift and merciless, no witnesses/survivors. For the time being news and media are kept in check.

25. 4. 2023 - Zetatech leaks the information about Alonsos diappearance from Biodynamics to the media. Biodynamics share value plummets, Biotechnica wows revenge and initiates clandestine operations against Zetatech. A few offices and facilities are sabotaged by Biotechnicas black-ops teams. Biodynamics share value plummets to 109 eb.

17. 8. 2023 - The gloves are off, Zetatech has had enough of Biotechnica and initiates full-scale war against it. The government gives Zetatech a warning, but is rather powerless since most of the congress is behing Zetatech and Zetatech always strikes with surgical precision, almost never harming bystanders. (Accidents happen but they are quickly covered up) Not to mention the substantial tax revenue Zetatech generates...

17. 8. 2023 - ( Got Firestorm Stormfront & Shockwave? I also used these books as Arasaka and Militech fought their wars at the same time, adding to the havoc! I highly recommend buying the books, they`re full of wonderful adventure ideas not to mention new kickass hard-, soft-, and cyberware!!! )