"The GunBros" Viper 9mm submacinegun
The viper is an unusual smg in many ways. It utilizes a bullpup desing like most assault rifles, and fires CASED Electro Thermal rounds as a "factory default". Because of it`s design the viper isn`t very good in close quarters fighting, but the design team felt that the sleekness of its form and the high stopping power will compensate. The scope includes a laser dot sight, teleoptics and lowlite. These weapons are each built individually by the gun bros, hence they cannot be found in stores. For the same reason each viper is a reliable and unique weapon. The +2 in acc. is used when aiming with the dot.
SMG | 0/+2 | J | R | 6d6+3 | 25 | 15 | 200m | VR | 5800 eb