This conversion is based on the anime series.


The guyver, or "unit G" is a suit of armor of unknown origin. It is not an armor in the conventional sense, rather a being that follows the owner invisibly, until called for. When summoned it instantly covers the wearer in a tough exo-skeleton with incredible strenght, speed, weapons and sensors.


Before merging with the host the guyver in its dormant state looks more like a land mine or a satchel charge than an armor.

The person wishing to open the guyver must use his thoughts to activate it, he must place his forehead close to the metallic center orb and concentrate on the unit, willing it to open upon him. If he has sufficient strenght of will (Cool+D10 Diff 13+), the unit will lash out at him and wrap itself around the user.
The process is incredibly painful as the guyver bores itself inside the recipient (rending clothing and armor asuder), only the most resilient can hope to remain conscious (stun save at -5). Whether the user is conscious or not the guyver embeds itself in his body, and when the transition is complete, the user will be naked and exhausted.

When the guyver is not in use, the only marks on the wearer are two blister-like organisms located on his back. Also for this reason tha guyver cannot be used by full coversion cyborgs or those with upper-body plating. Calling for the armor usually requires shouting "Guyver!" out loud, to help focus thougts, though experienced users (Cool+Control skill vs Diff 20+) are able to suit up with mere strenght of will. Also take note that any cybernetic limbs will remain unaffected, as the guyver cannot function within a machine.


When summoned a globe of dark matter with a radius of roughly 5 feet expands from the user to every direction pushing everything aside so the "transformation" can take place.
Anything with less than 50 SP will find a dent corresponding the sphere in it, anything stronger will simply be pushed aside. Wall, floor, dataterm, makes no difference. The armor itself appears out of nowhere in parts and wraps itself around the user in 2-3 seconds, again, shredding all clothing, body armor and worn items and leaving cybernetic limbs unchanged.

Also while on, the guyver can regenerate wounds that would have killed a normal person instantly. If the user is killed in game terms (fails death save), but is not beyond mortal 6, the guyver will regenerate the wounds at the normal healing rate (which is doubled, as per other abilities below), and the user will regain consciousness at wound level serious.

The guyver has an an Achilles heel, though: the control orb on the forehead. If the control orb is destroyed or removed, the guyver organism will kill the host (the user) instanly, devouring and crushing his body within.

Dismissing te guyver is done by mental command, and this doesn`t create the expanding sphere. The guyver`s armor plates simply pop off the host and quickly fade away. Using the guyver places a strain on the user, so it cannot be called for more than twice a day. The Guyver is not easy to use or control, it takes practice. Therefore, two new skills must be learned, Guyver control and Guyver weapons.


The ability and measure of much and well the user knows the guyver and its potential. Note that if you don`t have this skill, you can`t even call for the armor. Getting someone to teach the skill and the use of the unit might be an adventure of it`s own.

The skill in using the built-in weapons of the guyver. Cannot exceed the level of control.


"If you could get such a weapon, no force on earth could stop you."


REF +3, minimun of 11
BOD BODY :34 (used for strenght purposes only)
MA set to 20
ATTR set to 2
Toughness Mod: -2, reduced from the penetrating damage in addition to BTM.
Leap :17m from a running start
Lift/Carry: 500kg/2 tons (if your feet don`t sink in the ground first)
Other abilities: (Equal to cybernetic system)
Teleoptics, Anti-dazzle, LowLite, Image enhancement, Amplified hearing, Enhanced hearing range, Level damper, Sound editor,
Host heals twice as fast as usual, as with nanosurgeons. If the guyver`s armor is penetrated, the SP will regenerate at the rate of 1 per 6 mins.
SP by Location
Head 23
Torso 28
Arms 24
Legs 24
Control Orb 35
Built-in weapons:
Forearm Vibro-Swords

uses GW skill, WA at +2, Damage: 4d6+5

Soft SP is at 1/4, Hard is 1/2. Penetrating damage is normal. Requires: Control 2+

Head Cannon

uses GW skill, WA at +4, Damage: 2-8d6, user regulates the power output.

Range: 100m, Requires: Control 4+

Waist Pressure Cannon

uses GW skill, WA at +1, Damage: 2d20+7

Range:50m Requires: Control 7+

Wave Generator

AutoHit, damage: 3d6 1st rnd, 4d6 2nd rnd, etc. (max damage 7d6)

Range:3m Requires: Control 3+, max rounds of constant use = level of control.

Pics of the different Guyver units:
-Guyver 1
-Guyver 2
-Guyver 3

Check out if you`re interested in the guyver/zoanoids anime in general.

As you have by now realised, the guyver isn`t something you go and buy from a shop down the street, it`s a totally alien suit of armor. If one would surface somewhere, it would probably be sold as a paperweight, unless its true purpose was known. And once merged with someone it cannot be sold as it can`t be separated from the host anymore. So the only way to get one of these is to work something out with your GM. One possibility is to build the character around the guyver, using the new Guyver-role.