Some house rules that we use in our games:

-First of all I believe that cybernetics should be common, but not so common that even the lowliest booster has a huge amount of cyber. Therefore I have quadrupled (4x) the price of all cybernetics. Also it limits the amount of cyberware the PCs are going to get, which I think is a good thing.

-Shooting a burst at multiple targets. I calculate the maximum amount of bullets that can hit a target as follows: Add together the number of targets, AND THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THEM IN METERS. Example: You`re shooting 30 rounds at three guys. The leftmost guy is 3 meters from the middle guy, and the middle guy is 1 meter from the rightmost guy. (looking from the shooters perspective). You have 3 targets separated by (3+1=4) 4 meters. Add these figures together (3+4=7), so the maximum number of bullets that can strike any ONE guy is (30/7=4.28) rounded down, four bullets. Otherwise follow the rulebook.

-Frag grenades and other explosives. Take the number of dice (frag grenade 7d6), that is the blast radius in meters. The amount of hits/shrapnel you catch with your body depends on how close you are when the grenade goes off. Deduct the distance to the grenade from the amount of dice rolled, you get the amount of hits you take each at FULL DAMAGE. Ie, if you were standing 2m from the grenade when it explodes, you`d get 5 hits, damage at 7d6. But if you had been standing 4m away, you`d only take 3 hits, each at 7d6. Grenades are deadly. If the EXPLOSIVE (not HEAT) charge uses d10 as damage dice, then double the blast radius.