The following data is intended to the use of both players and game masters. I developed these to use in our own games, and while some are rather high in the power-level scale, we ran quite high-powered games. Use at your own risk...

"The stakes are high gentlemen, and life is cheap. Do what you must and I will do the same."
- A short dialogue between a black-ops team and full `borg security officer.

"Semper Fidelis" US Marine Corps

The chem warrior, or juicer was developed for the USMC by Raven MicroCybernetics as a cheaper alternative to a full combat `borg. See the Omega soldiers-section for more details. Note that after six years and 2d6 months the character WILL die. The only way to avoid this is to begin detoxification before the six years are up. If detox is done in time, the juicer will survive, but his physcal stats return to their original, before conversion values, and the strain put on his system reduces all (REF, BOD, MA, ATTR) of them by one point for each year spent as a chem warrior.

Game Stats:

REF +3
BOD +7
MA +6

Included cyberware:
Neuralware, HC:1d6
Pain editor, HC:2d6
lvl 2 Kerenzikov boost, HC:2d6
lvl 2 Grafted muscle, HC:2d6
lvl 3 Muscle & bone lace, HC:1d6+1
Speed grafts, HC:1d6
11 Autoinjectors, HC:(11d6)/2
2 Bio monitors, HC:2
Bio-comp w/appropriate software, HC:1d6
SP16 SkinWeave, HC2d6+4

Total cost:150,000eb, includes surgery and 1 dose of chems.
(or 30,000eb, if you don`t use the cyberware cost multiplier)
A new batch of chems costs around 4000eb, and lasts for 3 months.
Humanity cost:10d6+6, this is after therapy
Therapy costs add 30,000 putting the grand total to 180,000eb