New role: Chem Warrior, aka Juicer

The military needed highly trained and physically capable soldiers to undertake the most difficult missions. But a full-conversion cyborg is a very expensive piece of equipment, and sometimes ACPA just can`t cut it. The army wanted a relatively cheap but comparative alternative to a Dragoon. Then Raven MicroCybernetics came up with the "chem warrior", or "Juicer". Use massive amounts of drugs and stimulants combined with a reasonable amount of cybernetic enhancements, and you have a super-soldier almost comparable to a `borg with a fraction of the cost and maintainance.

But there is a price. The increased metabolism and strain on the body cause it to burn out prematurely, and in six or seven years the body has been used up. After that, it`s only a matter of months before the Juicer dies. Slowly reducing the drug dosage, using replacement organs and muscular treatments may save the Juicer from dying, but he will be a shadow of his former self. Most Juicers can`t handle the loss of their superhuman abilities, and go insane or kill themselves rather than continue existing as a "weakling".

Use the rules from Home of the Brave-supplement for creating a military character, with the following modifications:
-Requirements: Bod 9, Ref 9, Emp 7, Cool 8. Role must be Solo.
-Counts as a marine for Basic and AIT, automatically makes it to Spec Ops.
-Do NOT roll for life events, there was no time for such things.
-See the cybernetics section for
game stats on the juicer conversion.

Or, if you don`t have HotB, then roll up a Solo, and apply the following modifications:
-Must meet the minimun requirements, see above.
-Add 10 skill points to distribute in the following skills: Combat sense, Submachinegun, Melee, Rifle, Handgun, Martial Arts(choose), Stealth, Athletics, Awareness.
-Do NOT roll for life events, and gets the juicer conversion as above.

New role: The Guyver

The guyver is not so much a role to itself, rather a modification that is appliad to the basic career skill package of an existing role, much like the juicer described above.

-Two random skills are replaced from the career skill package with the Guyver Control and Weapons skills.

-The characters special ability skill is raised to difficulty level 2, this reflects the fact that he has been learning the guyver rather than his profession. Yeah, the guyver skills have a high diff too... guess there`s no such thing as a free lunch, eh?

-One of the characters life-events will automatically be about discovering the guyver (and perhaps befriending a mentor who teached it`s use). The higher the guyver skills, the earlier it was merged.