Ronin 2020`s RIFTS. In these pages you`ll discover new RCCs, new OCCs, adventures and more!

*Note that you won`t find anything even close to munchkin here, I run low-powered games where even the lowly CS grunt can actually hope to survive. That is reflected in my adventures as well, but hey, it`s easy to put a zero behind the amount of Xitixic in that random encounter...

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- As all Rifts GMs, I have a thing or two to say about the palladium game-system. So here is my RANT.
- Here are all my RULES REVISIONS.
- "Perks" are small additions that you can add to your character, to make him more personalized.
- A Picture of Rifts Earth



-Jedi Knights - `nuff said.
-Space Marines - The humanity`s finest warriors on the 41st millenium.
-The Spawn - Coming soon! ( I accidentally deleted the file... Oops! Takes a while to reconstruct )


-The Witchblade - A mystic glove with awesome powers.
-New Cybernetics, Bionics and Bio-implants.

-New Magical items.
-The Armories of the Imperium - Coming soon!


(I dislike completely premade adventures, because that doesn`t leave any room for the players to improvise.)

-Random encounters, these make life interesting